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Hot Marijke is as horny as butter again because soon a nice hot couple will come to visit: Meliss and Jaap. Pending their arrival, she starts to play with a vibrator, when Meliss comes along and then starts a delicious lesbian sexplay: mutual tonguekisses, rifles, vines and rock hard fucking in each other pussies with a double dildo, shouting these lucious ladies are getting ready!

Then there is a super-binding fuck party by Meliss and Jaap: in all kinds of positions she does blowjobs (also deepthroat) and he fucks Meliss in her mouth, he sprays his seed and from Jaap’s belly she licks up his sperm till the last drop, mmm, wonderful!

Now it’s the turn of Marijke to seduce Jaap: poles, licking, sucking, and she also swallows and licks the seed of hot Jaaps spouting cock!

We come to the apotheosis: all three spoil each other in an extremely horny way: witness this resoundingly horny threesome with the only real Flemish pornstar: Hot Marijke.


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