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On 30 September, 1 and 2 October 2016, the KamaSutrA Erotic Festival, the High Class Sex Marks of the Benelux, took place in Utrecht. Hot Marijke was present as the only (!) Belgian exhibitor. She had a unique cottage with viewing windows: from the inside out you could see nothing, from the outside to the inside the visitors were lurking to all the lavish things that happened in the Hot Marijke Casting Studio: they witnessed the super horny movie shoots with Hot Marijke who has hot sex with 5 different men, including a handsome black stud: her first time with a coloud guy (on film), so unique. You can also see her unashamedly getting ready with a nice hot girl and with two hit-hearted couples. In between, Hot Marijke presents challenging voluptuous masturbation shows: excitement everywhere. Enjoy this 101-minute LIVE pornmovie with Belgium’s Number One!


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