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As usual, Hot Marijke is as horny as hell. She’s wearing her tigerprint dress and being the horny wild child that she is, she invites 3 different bedfellows to come put to play.

She starts out having delectable sex with Fidelio: she lets down all her boundries: sensual passionate kisses, tongues exploring every inch of the other, 69 en fucking in all sorts of different positions till he comes roaringly while spilling his load all over extremely ample breasts.

Her second guest is none other than Lisa, her hot and horny lesbian friend. They bring each other to such hights that they are one with the stars: fucking each other with vibrators, dildos and a strap-on). Both these women pant and cry out as they have orgasme after orgasme.

Her last guest is Bjorn, a good looking guy who really knows how to push her right buttons. Licking, sucking and fucking, on top or underneath, doggystyle and more… They just can’t seem to enough! As the icing on the cake, he shoot his load all over her trembling body.

Be witness to this ultimate pleasure!

As a Bonus, you will be treated to one of Marijke’s masturbation show: as you will notice, this was actually filmed in between takes. The camera was close by and she suddenly whispered: I want to play with myself, film me now!


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