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Marijke loves to be known as a sweet and innocent chambermaid but like to be taken and fucked by horny suitors. As she waits for the first lodger she starts to clean the room, but the mere thought of things to come, makes her so horny that in anticipation she starts to play with herself. As she comes she screams it out and many orgasms follow suit. She barely makes it out of the room before the first guest arrives: Frederik.

Just as he is reading a book, Marijke knocks on the door and asks if she can turn down his bed for the night.

I bet you know what happens next: within minutes a cleaning job ends up in a horny session of blowjobs, licking pussy, massages and a great fuck session where the juices flow and the orgasms are plenty. As Frederik takes his leave Marijke, being the slut she is, is left wanting more and still horny as hell.

She can’t resist it and masturbates some more after which she tidies herself up and leaves the room, but returns with her ever present wet pussy when a new guest Zaki arrives. She leads the bearded man on with her horny arse and within minutes they have it off on the bed: sucking, licking, fucking as if their lives depend on it. This goes on for minutes on end until Zaki empties himself completely on to Marijke’s enormous tits.

Enjoy this horny super porn and be honest: wouldn’t you like Hot Marijke as a chambermaid in your hotel room?


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