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What an unexpected surprise: it’s Anouschka, the blond bombshell, who starts things off with a titillating strip- and masturbation show! She has delicious orgasms using her fingers and a vibrator. As soon as Marijke arrives, she joins her horny friend so that you may bear witness to a steaming lesbian sex session! The heat rises as they finger each other, play with dildo’s, their lips and tongues exploring each other’s writhing bodies. These friend can’t get enough of each other, growling en screaming out in pure ecstasy while having one orgasm after the other.
After all of this, they still want more. So they decide to go to visit the neighbor Sacha. This handsome viril man turns out to be a great lover with a sturdy dick. During this horny threesome, they use their hands and tongues pleasingly and fuck in all imaginable positions! Sacha massages Marijke and Anouschka’s hot willing asses, fingers and lick their sopping wet pussy’s. He impales them both deeply one last time before filling their open mouths with his hot sperm which they swallow up willingly and share with each other in a sperm filled kiss.
Join in the fun while watching this deliciously exciting film with the one and only Hot Marijke.


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