Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Using cookies:

Cookies are small files that are saved on your computer’s hard drive when you visit a website . These cookies can be used to improve your interaction with our site.

Our website uses different types of cookies. Certain cookies, which are used to remember you preferential settings such as language choice or automatically logging in, were designed by Hot Marijke and can only be viewed by her.

Our site also uses third party cookies with content that cannot be accessed by Hot Marijke and therefore is unknown to her. These cookies can only be accessed by the third party the belong to. One of these third party’s is Google Analytics who use cookies to analyse the traffic on our website.

You can can change your browser settings so that these cookies are refused. There are, however, certain functions that will no longer function optimally without the cookies they need.

Hot Marijke respects and protects your privacy. All personal information that is shared with us will be treated with the upmost care and complete discretion.

Personal information is gathered so that all orders can be processed as efficiently possible. Hot Marijke respects the Belgian law passed on December 8th 1992 pertaining to the protection of a persons privacy when handling personal information, taking the changes described in the law passed on December 11th 1998 into account. This law declares that explicit consent must given before personal information can be gathered, that the personal information must be relevant, accurate and may only be gathered for specific, clearly described and legitimate means. The person who’s personal information has been gathered has the right to access and change this information. Finally this law requires that the Commission for the Protection of Privacy be informed about all automated processing of personal information.

Personal information

What information is requested? What is it used for?
When you register on our site, we ask you to provide the following information:
• Your e-mail address the will be linked to your user name
• Your name and surname
• Your telephone number
• Your date of birth (to insure you are over 18)
• Your address so that the ordered goods can be shipped correctly
Using the hotmarijkemovies website implies that you agree to the privacy policy and accept that your personal information will be used as described..