Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Hot Marijke Movies, (here after named “Hot Marijke”), situated in 8300 Knokke, will do it’s utmost best to provide quality service to her customers. Hot Marijke the faith you’ve put into her by using the website www.hotmarijkemovies.be (here after named “website”) and will continue to do her best to keep you satisfied and to fulfil all your wishes. It is however important that you are well informed about Hot Marijke’s expectations and vice versa. What follows are the terms and conditions that are adhered to, so that you may be well informed about your legal position, every time you visit the website and view or download a film. Every time you visit the website, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. These conditions determine the relationship between a Hot Marijke and her customers when a film is viewed or downloaded, even though there is no written agreement. Hot Marijke will not take a customers general conditions into account, unless there is a written agreement beforehand.
Hot Marijke reserves the right to, without prior notice, make changes to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply for the moment the website is visited and as soon as you use the products and/or services on offer. The version visible at the time the website is visited, is the version that is applicable at that time and customers accept all changes that can be made to the general conditions and are obliged to follow them.

Article 1 – Pertaining to the Films on offer hotmarijkemovies.be.

The films, which can be viewed or downloaded at hotmarijkemovies.be, are described as accurately as possible. The prices shown are the prices that are valid for the day you visit the site. All prices include VAT. Hotmarijkemovies.be is available in every country except for there where it is against the law.

Article 2 – Your Contract with Hot Marijke

Your contract with Hot Marijke is valid as soon as your account has been confirmed. You are not required to buy a minimum amount of minutes and the minutes bought do not have be use within a certain time frame.

The minimum requirements needed to become one of Hot Marijke’s clients or to be able to use all of our products and services are:
• You must be over 18 years of age, any person under the age of 18,mill be denied access to our site. (The minimum age will be changed to 21 years in countries where this is required by law)
• You agree to provide us with certain personal information including you e-mail address.
By applying for a membership, you declare being responsible for your own actions.

Article 3 – Intellectual Property Rights -Restrictions

You recognise that all the intellectual rights and all other rights are Hot Marijke’s property. So as to protect these rights, technology is used to encode all information transmitted while streaming.
Therefor you are required to agree to the following:
• Films will only be streamed for private, personal use (and in no way for commercial use of any kind); or
• That neither you or any other person will, in any way or form, copy, lend, distribute, broadcast or reproduce the films; or
• The neither you or any other persons will in any way make changes, additions, retractions, etc… or falsifications to the security encryption or other such elements pertaining to the site and/or the films.

Article 4 – Payments

4.1 Streaming
The price indicated is the amount to be paid for the amount of minutes you would like to purchase.
As soon as your payment, with Ice Pay, is completed, the minutes will be added to your account and this for an unlimited amount of time.
Additional minutes can be purchased at any time, however unused minutes will not be refunded.

4.2 Download and/or purchase of DVD’s
You pay the indicated price for the film you wish to purchase. Delivery methods are explained further on.

Article 5 – Exclusion of Withdrawal Rights
You hereby renounce all rights of withdrawal, due to the fact that purchases made are completed immediately.

Article 6 – Delivery and Implementation

1. The trader will take the greatest possible care when receiving and implementing orders for products and when assessing requests for the rendering of services.
2. The shipping address used will be the one provided by the consumer.
3. The trader will expedite orders as soon as possible and within 30 days, unless another delivery time has been agreed. Should the delivery be delayed, or if the order can only be treated partially, the consumer will be notified within 30 days after having placed the order. In that case, the consumer has the right to cancel the agreement without any lost and without the right to be compensated.
4. After a cancellation, in a case as mentioned above, the trader will reimburse the consumer I full within 30 days.
5. The risk of damages and/or the loss of products rests with the trader until the time of delivery to the consumer or to a pre-designated representative, unless stipulated otherwise.

7 – “Force Majeure”

Hot Marijke is not responsible for any delay or failure in performance of the contract if these are due to events or circumstances beyond her will such as, yet not limited to, war, mobilisation, , rebellion, revolution, civil war, natural disaster or strikes. The parties agree that a virus or other errors arising from illegal access to the website, will be considered force majeure.

Article 8 – Liability Limitations

Hot Marijke doesn’t guarantee that the site will function uninterruptedly. Hot Marijke is not responsible for bad or problematic connections, nor for problems establishing a connection. Hot Marijke is not responsible for accidents, loss or damages to customers computers.

Hot Marijke reserves the right to make changes, corrections and/or improvements to the website and its content. Hot Marijke cannot be held liable for any, direct or indirect, damages resulting from the use of the site.

Article 9 – Complaints Procedures

1. The complaints procedure is well publicised and all complaints are handled in accordance to these procedures.
2. Complaints pertaining to the execution of the agreement must be made in writing, within a reasonable time after having become aware of the encountered problems, and must be as detailed as possible.
3. All complaints will be handled and answered within a period of 14 days after having received the complaint. If taking care of the complaint requires more than 14 days, an initial answer will be sent letting the customer know when he/she can expect a detailed answer.
4. If a complaint isn’t resolved or no consensus is found within a reasonable time frame or within a maximum of three months after having made the complaint, the complaint will escalate to a dispute which will be handled by the competent instances.

Article 10 – Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

Belgian law applies.
Only the courts of the judicial district of Bruges have jurisdiction.

Article 11 – Protection of Personal Data

All users privacy is respected at all times, more specifically, privacy is protected in adherence to the law of the 8th December 1992. When a customer discloses his/her personal data, he/she agrees that this information can be used to:
– Draw up a sales agreement;
– Manage a client database;
– Provide information about products and services;
– Marketing purposes.

This information may be consulted by Hot Marijke’s staff and be passed on to third parties for marketing purposes. The customer may consult his/her personal data at all times and may request that changes be made. Upon request, he/she may, at no cost, refuse that his/her data be used for marketing purposes.

The customer accepts that Hot Marijke has knowledge of the password that is used to gain access to the site.